CIGNA will become network provider for
Health Benefit Plan in 2008









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The NALC Health Benefit Plan has announced that CIGNA HealthCare will be the new network provider for doctors and hospitals for Plan members beginning January 2008. 

Members should take a moment to check the NALC Health Benefit Plan website at to verify that your doctors are in the new network. For those without access to the Internet, call the HBP at 877-220-NALC(6252) after September 1 to verify your doctor’s participation.  If your doctor is part of the new network, you should inform him or her in January that NALC HBP has changed to the CIGNA HealthCare Shared Administration Network, and provide him or her with a copy of the new membership card that you will receive later in the year.

If your doctor is not part of the network, download a “Nomination Form” from the website or write to the HBP to receive a hard copy. Once the form is returned, the HBP will submit it to CIGNA for possible consideration to the network. However, there is no guarantee that your doctor will become part of the network. In addition, the HBP recommends finding a doctor in your area who is part of the new network in order to have an alternative planned in advance of the new year.

If you have any questions, please call the NALC HBP at 888-636-NALC(6252) after September 1.


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