Non Members of
Branch 43


If you see a name to the right & that person is a member of Branch 43, please e-mail

I'll correct the error immediately.

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The purpose of publishing this list is to identify the individuals to speak to
and recruit them to the union. 
These times more than ever, we need the union to be strong and united.

Signifies 100% NALC Membership

Names in Italic are CCAs

  • Mid City
    David Schipper
  • Collection Unit
    David Landers
  • Westwood
    Ken Hoffman
    Tim Miller
  • Norwood
    Francisca Cornett
    Heather Cundiff
  • Lockland
    Long Duong
  • St. Bernard
    Bernisha Smith
  • Corryville
    Jerry Scully
  • Murray
    Cynthia Byers
    Phillip Conley
    Walter Eberle
    Godfrey Lewin
    Keisha Mitchell

    Ernie Spikes
  • Mt. Washington
  • Mt. Healthy
    Darlene Ball    
    Ryne Grant
    Christa Ohl
  • Taft
    Jim Riegler
    Kimetra Stone
  • Western Hills
    Mary Beth Burtschy
    Kevin Conley
    Christine Hoff
    Maryjo Rose
  • Parkdale
    Andy Burkhardt
    Roberta Mills
    Mike Osterbrock
  • Sharonville
    Ronisha Terry
  • Sycamore
    Lora Bailey    
    Cynthia Barker
    Kathryn King
  • Symmes 
  • Groesbeck
    Monica Boden
    Isaac Brandon Jr.
    Doug Dever
    Jeremy Downing
    Michael Hasting
    Danielle Harmon
    Nathan Harris

    Ron Menke
    Gregg Menkhaus
    Sean Moore
    Teresa Pellman
    Thomas Renneker Jr.
    John Scharff
    Dave Seig
    Steven Wordeman


  • Anderson
    Robert Wulfhorst
  • Amelia
    Tony Chowning
  • Batavia
  • Bethel
  • Blanchester
    Mark Coomer
  • Cleves
  • Georgetown
  • Greenfield
    Charles Anderson
  • Harrison
    Melissa Staudt
  • Hillsboro
    Michael Hottle
  • Lebanon
  • Loveland
    Joshua Allen
    James Bills
  • Mason
    Shona Buie
    Dave Hare
  • Middletown
    Christopher Cline
    Casey Elam
    Staci Jett
    Tiara St. Clair
  • Milford
    Patrick Zalewski
  • Monroe
  • Morrow
  • New Richmond
    Jennifer Beckler
  • Oxford
    Anthony Pyfrin Jr.
    Michelle Taylor
    Thomas Troke
  • Ripley
  • South Lebanon
    Abigail Beegle
    Craig Cline
  • Springboro
  • Wilmington

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04/24/2017 11:41 AM